Saturday, November 23, 2013

Leterati Artful Scraps - Ad 1

I want to tell you about a very interesting designer -Leterati Artful Scraps. This designer has one a kind items you will never see anywhere else. She has a flair for original design concepts and it shows in her work. Her items are beautiful. You will never find another designer just like her. Think of Leterati Artful Scraps Commercial Use products when you want to find something different and innovative to add to your kits and design process: 

Lot 65-E: CU Thanksgiving Wreaths (5) available in both Tagger and Full Size

Lot 63-MK: CU Christmas Scenery Paper and Elements (8) available in both Tagger and Full Size

Lot 47-K: CU Autumn Scrap Kit available in both Tagger and Full Size

Lot 45-P: CU Papers (6) of Animals in the Wild! Available in both Tagger and Full Size. 

Be sure to check out her blog, as she has many exclusives in her different stores and these items I have featured here are on Berry Applicious only. 

If you haven't seen the design concepts of Leterati Artful Scraps, you have a lot to look forward to. 

*Glitter provided by: Pixel Scrapper  (I hold a Commercial Use Unlimited License and can use their products in Commercial Use Projects)

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