Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Pixie Fairy Creations - Holiday Kits

Pixie Fairy Creations is a new designer at Berry Applicious and she has some terrific holiday kits. 

Grab them while the season is still here:

Winter Magic - Personal Use, PTU Scrap Kit: 47 elements, 5 frames, 7 papers (not all shown)

Candy Cane Christmas - Personal Use, PTU Scrap Kit: 60 elements, 9 frames, 14 papers (not all shown)

Candy Cane Christmas Templates Element Pack: 4 templates to match the Candy Cane Christmas kit. 

Emoween - Personal Use, PTU Scrap Kit: 61 elements, 14 frames, 10 papers and 2 word art (not all shown). 

LIzzyQXdesign January 2014 Buy My Store

LizzyQXdesign has a Buy My Store promotion going on from January 1st to January 15th to celebrate the new year. All of her scrap kits are included in this special sale. One time $12.50 and you download all of her products. 

You can find this product linked to all of her stores from her blog: HERE

Previews shown on example above: 

Indian Spirit
Just Summer 
Reach for Peach

You can find these kits at: 

Berry Applicious

Ivy Scraps

Memory Lane Scrapz

Scrapz N More 

and LizzyQXdesign has just opened up a store on Facebook

Enjoy and Have a Wonderful Tagging New Year! 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Joannes Digital Designs - Holiday Blowout

Joanne's Digital Designs has been very busy making holiday CU elements to put into your kits. She is a very talented artist and I absolutely LOVE her work. Since she gets her freebie week at Christmas and she is a CU Elements artist (and I only have ONE freebie ad beginning this week because I started Lins a week early but will be running her through Christmas also), I am giving Joanne space to show off a large portion of her holiday elements. If you haven't seen these, you really need to take a look. The artistry of Joanne's Digital Designs is beautiful. 

So, come take a look at Joanne's Digital Designs Holiday Selection (Christmas and New Years): 

Link here for Joanne's Digital Designs, you can find all of her products there (she has her own store) and take a look at the rest of her collection. She is already starting on Valentines Day. Her products are absolutely amazing. 

Be sure to check out her Unlimited Personal Usage License as well. She now allows you to use as many of her products in your Personal Use kit as you wish, provided you purchase her license. Her elements are a wonderful resource that no designer should be without. 

Joanne's items are currently 70% off for the Christmas holidays (until the end of December). I'm going Christmas shopping now! 

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Lins Creations Christmas Delights

Lins Creations has some beautiful Scrap Kits for both Christmas and other non-holiday scrapping:

Gatsby Glamour -available in (Scrap Kit) and (Digi-Kit) for Craft Artistry

Christmas in Wonderland - such a cute kit filled with fantastic Christmas elements

Santa Baby - perfect for scrapping Baby's First Christmas, available in (Full Sized) and (Tagger Sized) and also in (Digi-Kit) for Craft Artistry

Fairytopia - Simply Beautiful! 

Check out Lins Creations Blog also, where she has a wonderful Christmas Freebie (hint, take a look at her "Christmas is in two weeks" post). But, you'll have to find it, because you'll see so much more of what you are missing at Lins Creations that I want you to enjoy the hunt. :)

FwTags Creations Christmas Extravaganza

It's Christmas at FwTags Creations! These Tagger Sized Personal Use Holiday Scrap Kits are AWESOME!

Grandma's Christmas  

Come get your Christmas Tagging Inspiration with FwTags Creations Scrap Kits on Berry Applicious

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

LizzyQXdesign - Grungy Scrap Kit

Today I am featuring a second freebie ad. This one is for LizzyQXdesign. She has a lovely personal use kit called Grungy: 

Beautiful vintage elements and lovely papers make this kit a must to scrap. Check it out at Berry Applicious

Be sure to check out her blog and find her other stores and products. She's a really wonderful designer! 

Moonflower Scraps - Holiday Goodies

I have been remiss the last couple of days. I've been ill and I'm now trying to get back into the swing of things.

Since I've been offering some freebie ads to my designer friends, I was supposed to put up an ad for Moonflower Scraps (and also a freebie for LizzyQXdesigns, whom I have also been doing paid advertising for recently) and I did not get that ad up until now. As a result, I am going to be running Moonflower Scraps until Next Wednesday. On Sunday I will also be adding two new designer ads, so I will be running Moonflower Scraps, LizzyQXdesign (freebie ad) and two other designers all concurrently through Wednesday and then Moonflower Scraps and the freebie ad for LizzyQXdesigns will drop off) and the two newer designer's ads will continue. 

Today I want to feature these beautiful Christmas goodies from Moonflower Scraps:

Moonflower Scraps products can be found at Berry Applicious

Waiting for Santa 
Moonflower Bedtime Buddies (Commercial Use)
Merry Jingle
Merry Berry Chocolate  

Be sure to check out her blog. There are some freebies and other awesome Holiday offerings over there. Go get some! :) 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

LizzyQXdesign - Ad 2 - A Christmas Bundle

LizzyQXdesign has two holiday kits bundled up for you to enjoy double the holiday pleasure. Both are Christmas themed and have beautiful colors and very cute elements. Christmas has muted reds, yellows and greens and glittery paper designs that I absolutely love; while Christmas Blues has a blue denim feel to it. So cute! Come check these out: 

Available at:

Berry Applicious 
Ivy Scraps
Memory Lane Scrapz
Scrapz N More
LizzyQXdesign (dutch)   

I have made two Facebook Timeline covers and matching profile pics with these two kits:


Christmas Blues:

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Pamkez Paper Packs Ad 1

This week in my freebie ads, I'm featuring Pamkez and her Commercial Use Paper Packs. Many of these packs are CU4CU allowed and you can use them to place patterned papers in your kits and to even create derivative elements and other papers and creations from them. They are very versatile:

Pamkez has what seems like zillions of paper packs and all of them are Commercial Use. If you are in need of papers and/or patterns consider Pamkez for your paper resource.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

LizzyQXdesign - Boy-O-Boy Scrap Kit

LizzyQXdesign has a new Personal Use Scrap Kit called Boy-O-Boy and it is lovely.

Boys are sometimes so hard to scrap for. I've often noticed that kit elements for boys are not very plentiful on the market. If you have an adventurous boy who you want to make a Scrapbooking Layout for, LizzyQXdesign is the perfect designer for your needs:

This wonderful kit can be found at: 

Berry Applicious
Ivy Scraps
My Memories
Scrapz N More
LizzyQXdesign (in dutch)

Keep LizzyQXdesign in mind when you need an awesome layout kit. She does spectacular work!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Leterati Artful Scraps - Ad 1

I want to tell you about a very interesting designer -Leterati Artful Scraps. This designer has one a kind items you will never see anywhere else. She has a flair for original design concepts and it shows in her work. Her items are beautiful. You will never find another designer just like her. Think of Leterati Artful Scraps Commercial Use products when you want to find something different and innovative to add to your kits and design process: 

Lot 65-E: CU Thanksgiving Wreaths (5) available in both Tagger and Full Size

Lot 63-MK: CU Christmas Scenery Paper and Elements (8) available in both Tagger and Full Size

Lot 47-K: CU Autumn Scrap Kit available in both Tagger and Full Size

Lot 45-P: CU Papers (6) of Animals in the Wild! Available in both Tagger and Full Size. 

Be sure to check out her blog, as she has many exclusives in her different stores and these items I have featured here are on Berry Applicious only. 

If you haven't seen the design concepts of Leterati Artful Scraps, you have a lot to look forward to. 

*Glitter provided by: Pixel Scrapper  (I hold a Commercial Use Unlimited License and can use their products in Commercial Use Projects)

Scraps Dimensions Ad 1

This week I'm featuring Scraps Dimensions. This designer has the cutest design elements and she always makes sure each product is available in both script and template. I admire that, as I'm a person who likes templates and often find something I really want in script form only. This is an important consideration for me when I make a purchase. 

Scraps Dimensions has been busy at work on new Commercial Use products to fill your holiday kits: 

Christmas Lollipop 2 Script and Templates

Christmas Lollipop Script and Templates

Holiday Cupcake Script and Templates

Pumpkins Barrel Script and Templates

And just now (11/23) a new product was added, check out the New Year's Cupcake Script and Templates

Take a look at Scraps Dimensions and fill your holiday kits with these awesome and yummy goodies! 

*Glitter provided by: Pixel Scrapper  (I hold a Commercial Use Unlimited License and can use their products in Commercial Use Projects)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

S G Rowe Designs - Ad 1

S G Rowe really has outdone herself. She's got pages and pages of kits and they are packed with so many elements that you will always find that perfect element to use... BUT on top of that, she creates the most interesting and beautiful Add-ons to match with those kits. If you haven't discovered S G Rowe, you are missing something really special: 

What's the Buzz Tag Kit and Page Kit

Christmas In Pink Tag Kit and Page Kit

The Realm of Whimsy Tag Kit

Catch A Rainbow Tag Kit and Page Kit  

Most of these kits have additional add ons, such as the Catch A Rainbow Title Clusters, the Christmas in Pink Journal Clusters and the What's the Buzz Border Clusters

Since Christmas is coming up, I wanted to also link to another Christmas kit that S G Rowe has on her store. She didn't ask me to do this, but I thought it was so cute that it needed to be linked. I am planning to get one myself: Santa & Company is such a sweet kit. Available in both Tagger and Page sizes and with several very cute add-ons

There are many more kits that also have several add-ons each. A visit to S G Rowe's store is a must. Come check her out at Berry Applicious and be sure to visit her blog and find her other stores at this blinkie: 

Update (11/22): 

S. G. Rowe has been busy. Check out her newest products!

Everyday Memories is is a lovely scrap kit available in five different colors with a choice of Tagger or Page sizes. 

Also check out her Journal Me Set (available in Tagger and Page sizes) and her Sisters Scrap Kit and Add Ons. (Note: Both of these products have freebie additions you can find on her blog. Go get these lovely goodies!): 

Grumpy Grandma Designs Ad 1

Grumpy Grandma Designs has the coolest clip art. She sells Layered Templates and PSP Scripts. Come check her out: 

Little Moose Template                  Party Template

Additionally, there are a couple of other templates that I think are absolutely adorable: The Snow Bunnie Template and the Snow Bunnie Angel Template. These would work so well for winter designing needs. 

Be sure to visit Grumpy Grandma's blog by following the blinkie below to find many more, and you can find her selling on Scrappin Heaven and Resale Clipart. Need Clip Art? The Grumpy Grandma has the goods! 

New Vintage Scenes Christmas Ornaments CU4CU

I've just added a second set. Five Vintage Scenes Christmas Ornaments. These images are CU4CU, over 400 x 400, 300 DPI and my TOU allows you to use two of these elements in any single scrap kit. 

Priced to sell at 50 cents. :)

Come take a look! 

These Christmas Ornaments are 
available at my Etsy store

Friday, November 15, 2013

ScrapWorx - New Decorative Christmas Ornaments - CU4CU

I took a bit of a break from designing for a while, but I am back now (I found some mojo LOL). 

In stores now - Eight Decorative Christmas Ornaments - 300 DPI, Over 400 x 400 and CU4CU.

My updated TOU allows you to use up to 4 from this pack in any one scrap kit. These are priced to sell at 50 cents. 


You can find these ornaments at my Etsy store.

Friday, September 20, 2013

FwTags Creations - Fast Food Scrap Kit

This scrap kit is YUMMY! Satisfy your yen for delicious scrapping with this spectacular kit. 

Fast Food Scrap Kit: with 59 elements, 9 papers and lots of Restaurant atmosphere. 

And don't forget to check out her Fall and Halloween Kits and CU elements HERE and HERE

FwTags Creations products can be found at Sensibility Scrapping and Berry Applicious! Come take a look at FwTags Creations and find out why she's my "Up and Coming Designer" favorite! 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

FwTags Creations - Falling for Fall Scrap Kit

FwTags Creations has a new Fall Scrap Kit available: 

Falling for Fall - 

90 Elements,7 Frames,6 word art and 11 papers. Fall in love with Autumn time with this kit Falling for Fall. With lots of different fall themed elements, including: Leaves Pumpkins Apples A Barrel of Apple Cider A Cheeky Acorn Munching Squirrel A Leafy Hedgehog A Cool Cat Fall Themed Bunny Wellie boots for those Wet and Windy Days.

*Please note,not every thing is shown on the preview. Find FwTags Creations Falling for Fall Scrap Kit at Berry Applicious and Sensibility Scrapping

Come get yours and Fall for Fall!

Friday, September 6, 2013

FwTags Creations Custom Ad 2

Hey everyone! Check out FwTags Creations:

FwTags Creations is a new designer and she's wonderful. She has personal use scrap kits with lots of awesome elements and she's now starting to move into the Commercial Use direction, offering CU elements that were drawn by her husband, BadBoySlack! 

Watch this designer because she is definitely going to make a mark in the scrap community. 

Come check out these wonderful offerings:

Vintage Sun CU/PU Exclusive Template

Spooky Pumpkin Patch PU Scrap Kit

CU/PU Panther Element Bundle (a Berry Applicious Exclusive)

Halloween At The Graveyard Scrap Kit

Also check out these really cool products: 

Mystical Mayhem PU Scrap Kit - perfect for Halloween scrapping!

Hospital Stay Scrap Kit - when you're looking for that perfect kit to make tags for someone in the hospital. 

FwTags Creations is a new designer, but she's got a great handle on kit making and she's awesome. Check her out! 

You can find FwTags Creations on her blog at http://fwtagscreations.blogspot.co.uk/ and find out more about this spectacular new designer. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

FwTags Creations - Halloween at the Graveyard

Hey, check this out! FwTags Creations has a new Halloween Kit available - Halloween at the Graveyard. What a cool kit: 

You can get this kit at Berry Applicious and Sensibility Scrapping right now! Come check it out!